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Oral surgery

We offer a wide range of oral surgery procedures to our patients with the most state-of-the-art medical equipment. Only the most outstanding solution is acceptable for us, as an Oral Surgery Centre! We will find the solution for your problem that will be cured owing to our superior professional experience.

Oral surgery

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Oral surgery treatments for wisdom teeth

Tooth extraction may be needed due to tooth decay, dental inflammations or periodontal diseases. During an oral surgery procedure, tooth is extracted by an oral surgeon, when a simple extraction cannot be performed without complications (e.g. if the tooth would probably crumble during extraction; if the tooth neck or crown is severely damaged; if the tooth has previously underwent root canal treatment), or if the tooth has curved or splayed roots. The four most common cases when oral surgery intervention is needed:

  • tooth root removal
  • removal of wisdom tooth
  • cyst removal
  • implantation

Wisdom tooth removal via oral surgery: What you should know about surgical extraction
Occasionally, wisdom teeth do not show any tendency to eruption, though there are no obstacles to it, or it may happen that their getting into the right position is impeded.

In what cases oral surgery extraction of a wisdom tooth is indicated?

A wisdom tooth should be removed by oral surgery:

  • if there is inflammation in the tissues surrounding the wisdom tooth
  • if a cyst or a similar lesion has developed around the tooth
  • if the tooth has partially erupted, but it cannot come out completely

How are wisdom teeth removed surgically?

During an oral surgery procedure, following a careful radiological examination, surgical tooth removal is performed under local anaesthesia.

The area is exposed by an incision, then the bone is removed with a piezoelectric device, if the tooth is covered by bone.
Often, tooth crown and roots need to be fragmented.

These steps ensure an atraumatic removal of the tooth.


Root tip resection as an oral surgery treatment: when should it be used?

During this intervention, the root tip segment of a tooth with prior root canal filling is removed.

When should be root tip resection used?

  • If chronic inflammation is present around the root tip of a dead tooth, without any tendency to healing.
  • If the root canal filling material extends beyond the root tip into the bone tissue.
  • If the root canal is not fully patent.
  • If a false path has been formed during root canal treatment or root canal filling.
  • If a filling instrument or a dilator has broken within the root canal. 

Oral surgery treatments for cysts

What you should know about dental cysts

Dental cysts are saccular lesions with an outer capsular portion and an epithelial lining. Usually they are complaint free and are reported incidentally.

Their main characteristic is continuous growth, which will put pressure on the surrounding bones and may even cause the shift of the tooth.

They may develop in soft tissues or within the bone and may have a dental and non-dental origin.

What to do with cysts?

Immediate surgical removal of the cyst is recommended. Below a certain size and if the surrounding anatomical structures are not injured, total cyst removal is performed. In the case of larger cysts, cyst cavity is first narrowed to relieve overpressure. And when cyst size has diminished, total removal is carried out.


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