Dentistry fees and dentistry warranty: get to know our fees and warranty

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Rosental Dental and Implantology Clinic

Rosental Dental and Implantology Clinic

High professional knowledge with state-of-the-art medical technology solutions

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Rosental the way you smile

Rosental the way you smile

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Prices and warranty

We offer high quality and complex solutions to our patients at affordable prices, with the help of our highly experienced colleagues and the most modern medical devices. 
In each case, we provide our patients with specialty consultations free of charge; our specialty dentist prepares an individualized treatment plan and quotation. 



Warranty period:

  • Implant (as to the material) – Lifelong
  • Metal and ceramic tooth replacements – 3 years
  • Plastic tooth replacements – 1 years


Naturally, warranty is subject to some conditions: an annual examination by a specialist and a preliminary agreed oral hygiene treatment!

Service Fee
X-Ray 60 €
CT Scan 100 €
Professional Dental Hygiene 80 €
Metall-Free Crown 350 €
Porcelan Fused to Metall Crown 250 €
Veneer  450 €
Nightguard 110 €
Complete Denture 600 €
Implant (Alpha Bio) 400 €
Implant (Nobel Biocare) 650 €




Dental practice in Budapest with complex, personalised solutions and a team of specialists with high professional knowledge and experience.

Opening hours

Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 9:00 - 18:00

Monday-Wednesday 9:00 - 17:00


Phone number: +36-70-CLICK

E-Mail-Address: CLICK

Address: 1221 Budapest Bencés utca 32.