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Dental replacement and crowns

Following the loss of natural teeth, rapid dental replacement is essential. In cosmetic dentistry, tooth implants are needed, since the amount of jawbone will not decrease, until it accommodates teeth. Don’t give up your amazing smile! Visit our cosmetic dentistry; please contact us by filling in the following Form.

Dental replacement and crowns


Biting force acts as a bone preserving force, meaning that bone volume will diminish, if teeth are lost. Naturally, each case is different, thus the number of implants is planned individually.

During tooth replacement a difference is made between the upper and lower jawbones. In the lower jawbone, placement of fewer implants may be sufficient for the same tooth replacement, since here the bone has a different structure, being occasionally stronger. Also, a difference is made depending on the facial structure and the build of the patient presenting at the cosmetic dentistry. The biting force of a strong, muscular man is different from that of a small and delicate lady. This should be certainly considered when planning dental replacement and the number of implants. At our cosmetic dentistry, we offer the most ideal solution for you, in each case.

Tooth replacement anchored to dental implants

Anchored dental replacement: the cheapest solution for the replacement of lost teeth

Our cheapest, however probably the least comfortable solution is a dental replacement anchored to two implants. Spherical retention abutments anchored to implants will reduce the movement of the replacement; however, they will not prevent tilting effects. This solution can only be adopted in the lower jawbone.

Pier abutment prosthesis: dental replacement for a stable denture

Dental replacement will become definitely more stable, if it lies on a so-called pier abutment. For the stability of a pier abutment 4 to 6 implants are needed both in the upper and lower jawbone during a cosmetic dentistry treatment.
For a pier abutment prosthesis, tooth replacement is securely fixed to the pier abutment and it will be stable without moving on biting. Another remarkable advantage is that by removal of the dental replacement cleansing becomes easier, implants are more accessible and denture care can be done outside the mouth.
In many cases, not only the teeth, but also the missing bone and soft tissues must be replaced. In such cases, the lower part of the face may be sunken or wrinkles may be more pronounced. With a pier abutment prosthesis, lip posture may be restored and thus the patient will look younger.


Crowns at the Rosental cosmetic dentistry

Making and placing crowns 

We prepare crowns:

  • for the replacement of natural tooth structure, when it lacks to such an extent that cannot be made up with inlays or fillings
  • occasionally, they are recommended for reinforcing weakened, root canal treated teeth with a crown
  • for merely aesthetic considerations, as well

When do we prepare crowns at our cosmetic dentistry?

In cases when natural tooth structure lacks to such an extent that it can no longer be made up with inlays or fillings. Occasionally, they are recommended for reinforcing weakened, root canal treated teeth with a crown. Crown can also be prepared for pure aesthetic considerations, as well.

Preparing a bridge at our cosmetic dentistry

Tooth replacement for one or more missing teeth. The bridge is fixed by using the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth as support. Naturally, these supporting teeth should be strong and healthy enough to be able to successfully support the replacement on the long term.
If the adjacent teeth show no decay or contain no larger fillings, implant placement should be considered to preserve their integrity.

Crown building for dental implants at our cosmetic dentistry

An artificial crown consists of two parts: a lower frame which can be made of metal or zirconium and an upper hiding layer made of china, having the same colour as the tooth. 

At our cosmetic dentistry, for frontal teeth crowns with zirconium frame are used in each case, which ensure long term and aesthetic wear for the patient. The crown will fit extremely precisely, it will be airtight and it will have a completely lifelike appearance.

Besides of having a natural shape, resembling your own teeth, the crown fulfils a much more important task: it restores the chewing function.

Advantages of a metal-ceramic crown:

  • it is extremely durable
  • it fits precisely
  • it is an ideal selection for molars
  • it has a long lifespan
  • has a favourable cost-benefit ratio

Advantages of a zirconium crown:

  • it has an extremely lifelike look
  • it fits extremely precisely
  • it has a high transparency
  • it is anti-allergenic
  • it fits in completely the existing dentition
  • it is aesthetic
  • it will not cause gum discolouration
  • it has a long lifespan 

Which is the most ideal: a screw-retained or a cement-retained crown?

A crown can be fixed on an implant in two ways. For screw retention the abutment and the crown form a single build-up, which is secured with a screw. For cement retention, first the abutment is secured to the implant, then the replacement is cemented on it.

In most cases, if the screw has no aesthetic disadvantages, screw-retained crowns and bridges are preferred at our aesthetic dentistry. In such cases, the implant-replacement connection will be releasable by the dentist, and thus they could be repaired more easily and the implant will be accessible, when needed. Not to mention professional cleansing, which can be performed more easily and thoroughly.

This also includes the residual cement left after cementing, which may lead to the development of periimplantitis (inflammation developing around the implant accompanied by loss of bone).
Both retention forms have advantages and disadvantages. Clinically, a clear advantage or disadvantage of one method over the another is disputed.

Temporary dental replacement at our cosmetic dentistry

A question arises in each case: “After teeth removal, grinding down or surgery, until finishing the final replacement, what will I chew and talk with, and exist in everyday life at all?” Naturally, no one wants to spend a single day without tooth replacement, and none of the patients of our cosmetic dentistry will have to do it either!
For crowns or bridges anchored to teeth, our specialised dental practitioner will make you a temporary plastic crown or bridge, after preparation of your teeth.

After implant placement, removable denture can be provided for each case. When implants immediately show proper stability, a temporary anchored replacement can be made on them.

Don’t give up your perfect, healthy and painless smile! Contact our aesthetic dentistry for making an appointment by filling in the Form below.



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